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Contemporary society is in degeneration and dilapidation. The world is entrapped in a chaotic situation. There is no vibrations of positive energy in any arena. The penetration of media with sensational news and features is so unbearable to the populace. This is in effect damaging the mind and brain catastrophically. There was  a  time when people felt the paucity of news. But now they try to escape from news which are disturbing or destructive.

Today the media is frantically after society instead of leading the society. They ought to be gatekeepers of values. However, they act as catalysts of cultural degeneration. Media have worsened as a consumer product which do not require value or status. 

Mahamag.com  sees the world as one. It is the tongue of universal mind. It identifies the powerful forces which  can lead the society to the highest realm of peace and prosperity, It blacks out unethical and unhealthy evil practices and belief systems, it encourages and promotes Quality of Life. This is a humble attempt to lead human society to growth, better future and harmony without boundaries. 

The international computer news magazine http://mahamag.com/  a fusion of knowledge and latest  technology,  is well planned and well designed packed with quality news and features  encompassing essential fields in human existence such as Politics, Economy, Arts, Philosophy, Health, Science, Sports etc. Any one with a value based outlook can be its readers. This unique digital social media tool is being used by readers from 34 countries. It has live linkages to major social web sites including Face book, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc.

The content policy and style of presentation suit all segments irrespective of age, gender and nationality. By going through this one gets his or her mind and brain expanded. It leads to a higher state of thought revolution.

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