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H e a r t  B e a t s

 Poems of Elisa Segiet, Eduard HarentsCilenti Emanuele, Rajashree Mohapatra


Locked in centuries ago

rock marks:

feet, chamois, camel...

soundlessly shout:

- the human left a trail.

There was,

is and will be

the one

who will go down in history –

for some

a thinking human,

because he drew,

for others

a mindless vandal,

because he destroyed.

Locked in centuries ago

rock marks

soundlessly shout:

- do not help erosion.

Everything will pass on its own.

Eliza Segiet,

Translated by Artur Komoter


Life lives me with all my details,

and I turn around it

as a color of another brush.

My canvases have holes in them

as a Japanese coin,

through which one by one

all my loves free themselves

from me, always outwards

their parting

ringing about my wonderful loss…

And my claps

weigh heavier than I do.

So I have collected them

in my hand

as smashed paper money

and keep them

for the last – the death

to revamp its masks,

that will be hole one day,

as my canvases are.

And I’ll ring out forever,

and life will go on to live me

with all my details…

Eduard Harents from    Armenia

Translated from Armenian by VanuhiAlabekyan)


A shell raped by the sea.

With fury and violence

you invest me,

Between slaps of waves And kicks of waves

You do what you want with me, While I helpless,

Shaking from the cold,

That only fear can make you feel,

I remain clinging to that rock Looking for shelter.

Days go by, The nights go by,

But your hate always invests me With unprecedented violence.

I cry to my father sun,

I cry to my mother moon,

I cry to my sister stars,

My prayer remains only this:

An inhuman scream

and nothing more.

My tears More salty than

the seaI live in, 

The soul carried by the wind

That inflates the sails 

Of boats of hope, 

Too far now to ask for help. 

While you with a heart of stone 

You insert your metal and your fire In my flesh, I bleed to death, 

I'm happy to die, I will wake up 

and live happy,

You will die damned instead 

And away from God!

Cilenti Emanuele, from Italy


There she is ...

Where wind streams amid the hills

Upon the boughs , cherries shine

There angels sing to reveal mysteries

A joy, filled in rain drops silently drizzles.

There you find a budding rose

Sovereign of beauty,

Under the heaven as she grows

An earthly flower , smiles on throne

Glorious days carve verses

Upon the strand they are engraved

Inlay of desires with gold and gems

Emeralds melt to ivory waves

There she rises from her blissful bed

Between shadow and light to reign

When she sings , music is still

In her note , you breathe soulful glee.

Like the sun she is ever new

Every morning , a refreshing dew .

Her dreams dance in meadows green

She is there with her songs of love eternal yet divine.

Rajashree Mohapatra, from India