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One step of life

(Maru Parodi , Chile)

Life is a balance, we must balance

in the running of our existence,

cultivating the wise of our ancestral essence

so I can learn from the good and the bad.

We are those sprinkles that refresh us

every sunrise

moistening our leaves to smile again

leaving day by day

a mark of humility in this walk.

We are a prayer, protection, a helping hand

to observe in the firmament who calls us

with that lost look, desolate, hungry for thirst

before a hug, a detention of charity.

We are what we are

because of those ancestors

This is why life is unique and impalpable

if we don't feel it with love. 

It's Raining. 

(Shanlal,  India)

The lovely citadel basks in the green blanket
I love calling it the Ghats of the Western
Wherein majestic mountains

kiss the dark clouds
For heavenly downpour heavily.
In their curves foaming waterfalls

roars and gushes.
From beyond the woods,

birds chant charmingly.
In the woods animals of many kinds live 
And move around with greater peace

than man do 
My heart leaps to dwell in a corner of

this foliage,
Where I think I can escape to,

when life is so hard
Hoping to be patted soothingly -
by the wandering breeze

scented with herbs.
The enfolded haze by the ranges

cools the soul.

These Green mountains inherited

with immense treasure

Being encroached by many of us

to plunder it -
Would render it into the ranges of devastation..
“Pain is the fear

arising from the anticipation of evil”


Innocent smile

(Maria Ciobotariu, Romania)  

Silence can say a lot

Words that sprout in the night

And they spring from unseasoned waters

At dawn, their echo calls us

Children's voices resonate

A divine drop of innocent smile

And you forget the moment that flew past you

When the sun looks at us through the clouds.

A cold rain last night fell.


A Sequence Of Life, 

(Ewelina Maria Bugajska,  Javorka).  

A stream of matters flows slower today,

The mist seems to be heavier

above the heath.


Thick marshes without a blade of green grass,

And your breath is getting weaker my dear Earth.

The days and nights hastened with a whip

Under silver hair of time are melting like a glacier

And rough waters pour themselves into life,

The nearer is the consequence to your fierce eyes,

My heart bleeds the more,

Unavailing prayers, 

Unavailing cries,

Well, let the mouth fall silent.