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An Azerbaijani poet with international perspective

               Eldar Akhadov is an outstanding Azerbaijani poet writing in Russian.

“Music is the root system of poetry”, He says,…"Nothing arises in an empty place from nothing. Every phenomenon in the world has its own root system, there is what created this phenomenon.

I have been writing poetry since childhood, seven and a half years old. Soon I will turn 61. Naturally, I always wanted to understand myself, understand why I started doing this? The secret of knowing the reasons for your desires and deeds is not easy. Not every creative person is given the happiness of discovering their own secret. Once, I noticed that my poems are not only interesting to me, that they care about other people.

Poetry and music are closely connected. Poems are emotionally perceived as continuation of music by many, and if there is nomusical harmony in poetry, then their perception becomes more discreet."

From his poem:-

"There’s a deep emotion of

longing in “Homeland”,

 for the poet who lives a far

from the birthplace

Where the weightless birds

sing emerald songs,
Where the flying sky is ringing

from minaret heights,
And the moon shines, ascending


in a capsized abyss,
And a variegated handsome hoopoe

flashes in the morning...
There, in the palms of the ridges,

a mountain echo turns over,
An above the seashore foliage

frolics on wind,
Their people do not sleep

only from love,
their people cry only with

happiness and laughter,
Where I'm going back and

I'm never gonna die.

Eldar Akhadov quoted on Home Land, “I demand that the United Nations adopt the Declaration on the Motherland.  Every person on Earth has the right to have his homeland. Homeland is where he was born. No state in the world has the right to deprive a person of his homeland. There should not be people expelled from the land where they were born. It's very important. No reason can be a reason to expel a person from his home! Without the adoption of this Law, long peace on Earth is impossible. Most military conflicts  culminate in the 

expulsion of people from their homeland. That's not fair. It shouldn't be. I claim: A person's homeland is where he was born. Neither  nationality, race, nor language  have any influence on this. Maybe my words look paradoxical, but they are fair. If we begin to define the concept of Homeland onany other grounds, in the end, we will be estranged from the truth.

The concepts of "Homeland" and "State" should be distinguished. Homeland is mother land. The state is a criminal gang of officials robbing and raping people under the pretext of observing the unscrupulous wolf "laws" invented by them themselves. Homeland - mother. Your mother will never send her child to death. The State does this constantly and, moreover, demands victims from the population in the name of saving themselves and their power. The homeland will never demand that everyone die, and she remains. Because she's a mother.

Eldar Akhadov poems  are magical , His attitudes on life and contemporary affairs are very humane.  In this conflicting age his visions & contributions are worth appreciable,  it is the need of the time.