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                                              Licarayan Chevallier -  Social Media Activist

     "We're stuck between politicians of extreme-right to the trump and a ruling class corrupt and authoritarian. If France and Europe don't want to know the fate of this America that dark, there is an urgent need to change course: be done with the neo-Liberal economic policies, reduce inequalities, to guide the economy towards an ecology creates jobs."

                                                                                Zarrar Khuhro -  Columnist 

      "We now live in the era of fake news is undeniable, given that the venerable Oxford dictionary has chosen “post-truth” as its word of the year defining it as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotions and personal belief.”

      There is nothing new about lies and misinformation, states, groups, and individuals  have throughout history bent, broken re written and manufactured “truth” to suit their purposes, narratives and myths. What’s is different now is the speed (enabled by the internet and social media) at which such falsifications spread and what is frightening is the sheer number of people who believe them."

                                                                            Prieto -  Cultural Minsiter,Cuba

"….. renewal process was so  important, not just for Cuba, but for the whole  world. There was an alternative to “capitalist development” in contrast to the stupidity, barbarity and the law of the strongest that today intends to impose itself worldwide, we try to defend the idea that another world is possible. We believe what should be globalized, are not bombs or hatred but peace, solidarity, health, education, culture, etc. That is why, when our physicians go to help in other countries, although their mission is to work for medical attention, they are also bearers of our values and our ideas of solidarity."

                                                                          Jiri Menzel -  Czech Film director       

"Czech Film maker, Jiri Menzel  -    A smile can lead one to discover more things about   life than philosophy.  We were not strong enough to make  war.   But we had one potent weapon; we could laugh at our enemy. Didn’t  I tell you that only comedy survived.  This is a Czech temperament, love for humor. I did not have enough courage to do what I wanted to do.  All the films that I did were not my projects, I was asked to do them by somebody else."


                                                                  Peter -   Nudist hermit
      "Nudist hermit found dead after living alone in a remote Irish mountain range for more than 20 Years. Priest Fr. Crotty  says, “ Peter left behind letters and books.    He had questions of a religious nature that he was trying to answer.   He is not the only person living in such a way in Ireland. Perhaps these people who have detached themselves from society are worth paying attention to. There are 37 other such men living in forests around Ireland. Maybe they are people we should be looking at and listening to, maybe they’re telling us something very profound about the need to be in touch with our world and our environment. To that extent I’d look up to him ‘well done"