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Approach the world from a completely new context : Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

           U S has been continuously fighting wars with someone or other.
           As a business man,   US president could be either a great opportunity or disaster. 
           A good businessman makes deals that are sustainable and which bring benefit to both parties.
           In the last 200 years from the dogmatic shackles of religious leadership we moved to the tyranny of military leaderships,  then to the confoundedness of democratic leadership.  In the next 15-20years, business leadership is going to be most prominent, globally.
           Trump has the power as a leader to turn this around, because he has turned the political situation in America upside down.  He must also use this to steer world towards peace.  Hence he needs right guidance as well. 
          He wants to be friends with Russia; may be this will end the longstanding cold war.
           I’ll advise Trump to approach the world from a completely new context - not to look at people as my friends or my enemies but as what is good for you and me – what way can America contribute to other people and what can other people contribute to America ?  People changed: transactions have changed.
             Triumphs presidency,  is a new business opportunity,  not for himself   but for the people of America and others, worldwide.
            Trump has said he will build walls to keep out people!.
If you want to run a nation, you do need to have borders. It is tough to deal with millions of unaccounted people in any country.
          BY destroying the Berlin wall, two nations became one. Will that happen with Mexico, US, and Canada ? When there is huge economic disparity, people will flow. You can aspire for the ‘ no nationhood’  ideal only when human consciousness rises. Till that happens, borderless living is a dream.
                It is not about branding immigrants as rapists or criminals but you do   need regulation and accountability, otherwise it is difficult to have any control.
              Trump has to  succeed as leader of the most powerful nation, he should be aware that with great power comes  great responsibility.  The world has certain expectations of a US president to serve the whole world. Right now the language out there is ‘America First’ – but in terms of business, not in military terms.  In business both parties will have their own leverage.  But in military, if you are powerful, die.  In Trumps cabinet, there are several  businessmen so we can hope for good deals.  We are used to politicians used slick language but Trump talks straight; what you see what you get.
           I would say now you should talk less, listen and do more.  Then a lot of things will change.
           As a leader you need spirituality to gain inner experience.  If you make 25 people with spiritual insight as heads of 25 nations, they will change the world.  Give me 25 top leaders for five days and see what happens!. 

 “Unprecedented uncertainty  grips Washington :  Zahid Hussain(Columnist) 

               Unprecedented uncertainty  grips Washington as questions are raised if trump can be fully trusted.
               His election has left the country far more polarized than before. Given an incoming president of questionable moral and political credentials, the U.S is heading towards uncharted waters. He is at  logger heads with his countries security establishment and intelligence agencies  that he compares with the Nazis. 
                  Admiration for Russian president Vladimir Putin and the allegation that Moscow influenced the out come of the presidential election have reinforced distrust  of the new  president.
               Trumps odd views on the conduct of U.S foreign policy are a major cause of apprehension among world leaders.  He is determined to build a wall on the border with Mexico to stop the entry of illegal immigrants and make Mexico pay for it too. But most alarming is his decision to relocate the American embassy to Jerusalem, deviating from Washington’s long-standing policy.
            The appointment of David Friedman, a pro-settlements lawyer, as his ambassador to Israel has provoked huge criticism even from  U S allies who see the move as a recipe for disaster that will fuel further violence in west Asia.
           In another controversial move, Trump declared that he would appoint Jared Kushner, his son-in-law to broker a West Asia peace deal.  This indiscretion has generated intense anxiety not only in Palestine but also among America’s Western allies.
          China is another country that is feeling the heat of Trump’s rogue foreign policy stance.   As President elect,  one of the Trump’s  first telephone calls to world leaders  was to the President of Taiwan.  Successive US administrations have been committed to a “one-China” policy since 1979.  Over the last four decades, relations between the two countries have strengthened despite periodic hiccups.  Trump’s blunt approach and gesture towards Taiwan threatens to reopen the issue of “two Chinas”.  This has angered Beijing and it will certainly have larger regional and global implications.  China has accused the President elect of playing with fire and warned that Beijing will have no choice but to take on its gloves.
             Trump’s public support for Brexit and his statements urging other European countries to follow the British  example has evoked strong criticism from European countries.
              His public criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel for allowing more than one million immigrants into  Germany has provoked a strong reaction from Bonn.   Trump’s election has encouraged the ultra- nationalist wave that is  threatening European country. 
              With him at the helm, the US and the world are more unstable.