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“It is my desire, you become an olive tree to construct peace”

       US President Donald Trump has said he is “more determined than ever” to pursue peace in the world,  after meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican.

       He was granted a short private audience with the head of the Catholic Church on the latest leg  

of his overseas trip.

       Pope urged Trump to be peace maker and the President promised he would not forget the message.

       The two men have in the past clashed on issues such as migration, climate change and Mexico-US wall.       

After the meeting between     President Trump and Pope, the Vatican said there had been an “exchange of views” on international issues.

       Later Mr. Trump tweeted: “Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I Leave the 


Vatican more determined than ever to pursue Peace in our world.”

       Correspondents say,  Mr. Trump seemed subdued during their initial meeting, while Pope Francis was not as jovial as he sometimes is with world leaders.`

       The two men appeared much more relaxed at the end of their 30 minute private meeting.

       The Vatican said later that they shared a commitment to “life and freedom of worship and conscience” and expressed hope that they can collaborate “in service to the people in the fields of healthcare, education and assistance to migrants”.

       On international affairs, their “exchange of views” covered the “promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue”.

       After the meeting they exchanged gifts. Mr. Trump gave the Pope a boxed set of writings by the civil rights leader Martin Luther King. It’s no surprise he chose these writings.      

       The pope gave Mr. Trump a signed copy of a message he delivered for World Peace Day, along with some of his writings about the need to protect the environment.

       He also presented him with a small sculptured olive tree, telling Mr. Trump through an interpreter: “It is my desire that you become an olive tree to construct peace”.

       It is no accident, therefore that the President’s first international trip, marked by his advocacy for peace, brought him to the key religious centers of the world.

       The meeting was peaceful and now let us hope, the meeting brings peace all over the world!!