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Europe leaning towards left..!!!

          The UK election results showed that rather than producing a strong and stable government, Theresa May’s election gamble has created uncertainty. It means May will need to form a coalition with another party.
 Though the Conservatives will be the largest in parliament, they look set to finish short of the 326 required for a majority. 

 Meanwhile, Labor has made a number of significant gains.

 The key problem with the Conservative manifesto was a proposal to require individuals who need in-home support services, like a nurse. Currently the  UK’s “social care” system pays for this kind of in-home assistance for  

many more people than would be covered under the Conservatives’ plan.

 The proposal which reportedly was added to the manifesto at the last minute was an immediate disaster. Critics dubbed it the “dementia tax”, as many people who rely on social care are elderly individuals afflicted with dementia. It came across as unnecessarily cruel; once again playing into a longstanding sense that the Conservatives aren’t really interested in helping Britain’s most vulnerable.

  As in all periods of intense crisis there is a polarization and the emergence will always shows the leaning of significant forces to the left, represented in Europe by the

Corbyn trend in the Labor party, Podemos in Spain, the continued strength of the Portuguese Left Bloc and Communist Party,  Syriza movement in Greece and in a different way Bernie Saunders in the United States.

  Beyond those forces organized in political parties of the left we have also seen the emergence of significant social movements fighting on particular themes. Probably the most important of these internationally is the environmental movement – focused particularly on opposition to climate change. 

  In Europe there is virtually a simultaneous rise of the reactionary right across the board. The Theresa May  government

represents a right wing group inside the Conservative party. In Austria Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party narrowly missed winning the presidency; Geert Wilders Freedom Party in The Netherlands is strongly in the ascendency; the Alternative for Germany is making strong headway and there are already right wing authoritarian governments in Poland and Hungary.

 There are several other reasons for the emergence of labor parties in European nations. Most of the leaders in European nations have begun thinking differently rather than oppressing people and the opposition through power. For example, the ministry formed by Emmanuel Macron has created history by including members of the opposition party in it. Even the victory of Emmanuel Macron was totally shocking news for the world. It means people of European nations have begun thinking reasonably.

  Rather than the usual faces in politics that they are seeing for years, they are now ready for doing experiments. They have become so open up to give chances to those who deserve. Trump’s exit from the Paris climate deal and his racist remarks and the global outcry for equality may have influenced them.

  European politics has recently

seen a revival of the radical left, which according to some opinions can be attributed to the trouble imposed to the states as a result of 2008 financial crisis. Even though the crisis itself had almost identical implications in a range of countries in terms of cuts in government spending, tax increase, unemployment etc. one of the areas, where significant divergence could be spotted is political party dominance.

  Austria, France, Bulgaria and now UK, every nation proves the above said things right. Alexander Van der Bellen, a leftwing independent candidate has narrowly prevented Austria from becoming the first EU country to elect a far right head of state after a knife edge contest ended with his opponent conceding defeat. Rumen Radev, A socialist backed candidate and a new face could put Bulgarian politics and the leading men in politics after winning the presidential election. Of course, the French presidential election was another incident that proved the rise of Left wing parties in Europe.

  With the election results of UK, rather than the BREXIT influence and Conservative party’s policies, the major fact that proved is the emergence of Left wing parties in Europe.                                                                                           Bill Lindon