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With philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are ready to fight against isis!!

          The conflict in the city of Marawi has raised fears that the ISIS group’s violent ideology is gaining a foothold in the Philippines.

          Indonesia says it’s looking to set up joint patrols with the Philippines and Malaysia to prevent Islamic militants who have laid siege to a city in the southern Philippines from entering its territorial waters.

          The Philippines is seeking closer co-operation with Malaysia and Indonesia in the fight against terrorism amid President Duterte’s revelation that the leader of the Islamic State (IS) himself ordered the attacks in Marawi City, Foreign 

 Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said.

        Cayetano said the Marawi siege had affirmed Duterte’s warning that IS extremists would target South east Asian countries after staging atrocities in the Middle East.

          “The President knew from the start of his term that as allies become successful in Syria and Iraq, the IS will be looking for a land base and Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are potential targets for them,” Cayetano added.

          He said Indonesia has proposed a conference with Malaysia to discuss the situation in Mindanao and what the three countries can do to address the threat.

          Cayetano noted that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Russia have expressed support for efforts to 

fight terrorism in the region.            

          Cayetano said IS, which aims to establish a caliphate in the         Philippines, is funding the activities of the Maute militants.   

He claimed that the terrorists and their allies, who are involved in illegal drugs, sought to seize not just Marawi but at least two more cities. 

          Indonesia’s military chief, Gen.Gatot Nurmantyo, said late on Monday that he and Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu would meet next week with their counterparts from Malaysia and the Philippines on Indonesia’s Tarakan Island in northern Borneo, just across the border from Sabah, Malaysia. He said they will discuss increasing security and signing an agreement to step up joint patrols.

           The conflict in the city of Marawi has raised fears that the Islamic State group’s violent 


 ideology is gaining a foothold in the Philippines’ restive south, where Muslim separatists have fought for greater autonomy for decades.

  Nurmantyo, speaking with reporters and military officials in the capital, aligned militants in the Philippines who assaulted Marawi three weeks ago because  Indonesia     already has sleeping cells that most likely have been long embedded in the country. He said ISIS affiliated cells exist in all Indonesia’s provinces except Papua.

Authorities in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation, have carried out a sustained crackdown on militants since the 2002 bombings by al-Qaeda-affiliated radicals that killed 202 people in Bali.

        In recent years, it has faced a new threat as the rise of the Islamic state group in the Middle East has breathed new life into local militant networks and raised concerns about the risk of Indonesian fighters returning home. Marawi is located about 500 kilometers north of Sangihe Island in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province.

          Maj.Gen Ganip Warsito, the 

regional military chief overseeing the aclosest areas to neighboring Philippines said Indonesian army,navy and air force have deployed  extra troopsto boost security in the region.     

          “So far we have not found any indication of Islamic militants infiltrating from the Philippines to our territory,” Warsito said. “We have conducted intelligence, territorial and combat operations to anticipate it.”

          Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has assured the Philippines of its continuing support for development priorities as well as the campaign against illegal drugs and terrorism, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

          “Secretary Cayetano and Prime Minister Abe had fruitful discussions on the state of Philippines-Japan relations and highlighted the friendship between Prime Minister Abe and President Duterte,” the DFA said.

          Like Malaysia and Indonesia, if every nation join hands with Philippines in their fight against ISIS, then it will be pretty easy to put an end to terrorism to a greater extend.