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          Hostelity fuelling terrorism: UN Secretary General -                                                       Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres  said,  his dream is of a day when there would be two states – Israel and Palestine – in the Holy Land. To pursue that end, he said, he has appealed for a credible political process in order to address the problems that exist and to allow for the two-state solution to be implemented.  He said,  Israel would enjoy greater security and prosperity when Palestinians are living as citizens in their own state. “These lands are the  ancestral   homelands  of   two peoples who both have an

undeniable historical and religious bond to it.” he said. “Both have a right to live on it as independent, free people as masters of their own fate.”

Mr. Guterres is having a tough time when peace is at stake in the Syrian issue.  In the latest meeting called by Russia to get the mandate of other 14 council members to adopt a resolution condemning the airstrikes in Syria launched by United States with the backing of France and United Kingdom, the Scretary General opined and


warned that the crisis is spiraling out of control.  The secretary General obviously stated “there is no military solution to the crisis, only a political one.”

It is very clear from his words that in Syrian crisis where there is proxy wars involving several national armies,  a number of armed opposition groups, many national and international militia, foreign fighters from everywhere in the world,  terrorists organizations, it is difficult to find solution via a war,  it should be a political one.  Such is the dexterity he shows in every issue that happens in the world today.  The journey he travelled as secretary general is not bad,  even though he was not vociferous in many issues.     

Guterres has lot of limitations; he

is not in a position to control leaders like Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong  and Vladmir Putin.  His actions can work only with the backing of UN Security Council and with the ambit of  its permanent members.  The present world is divided the west is on attack mode at Syria, Russia is getting ready for counter moves. 

In a recent speech at his alma mater – University in Libson, he spoke about the lack of a regulating scheme for cyber warfare. He requested attention of world leaders to have a serious thoughts and exchange of views about the international framework in which cyber wars happen at Munich Security Conference. As the secretary General, he was trying to get countries back to the

negotiating table to sort out differences and reach a consensus. Guterres experience earlier as the Prime Minister of Portugal (1995 to 2002) is doing good at  negotiating tables, even though it is behind the scenes and sometimes face to face negotiations. He has also garnered immense experience working as the UN High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR). It is too early to review his actions and deeds and how he performed. The sky is not clear, there is tension, war mongering.  He needs to face threats like Syrian war, rise in terrorism globally, international refugee crisis and escalation of tension between Russia and west and lots of more in the anvil.

Expectations are high.The injustices of the world need to be wiped out, let us hope he achieves it.