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Quad – Grouping against Chinese intrusion

           U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, Japan foreign minister Toshimitsu Motegi, Australian foreign minister Marise Payne, and  Indian foreign minister S. Jayasankar have discussed and exchanged views about regional issues of mutual interest and issues related to connectivity humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,  maritime safety, and security, health security and counter-terrorism.

The second meeting of the Quad countries -(Australia, India, Japan, U.S.), —foreign ministers in  Tokyo reaffirmed the collective vision of maintaining a free open  and inclusive indo-pacific.

The gathering was one of the most prominent political get-togethers where strategy towards Beijing has become a significant mission issue.

India and China loggerheads over a contested 

fringe locale in the Himalayas, which prompted a dangerous conflict in June.

Relations among Australia and China have likewise declined after Canberra in April required an autonomous investigation into the causes of the new Covid19 pandemic. The two nations have additionally been at chances over taxes and basic liberties.

Tokyo, then, is worried about Beijing’s regional cases over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, called Diaoyu in China, in the East China Sea.

Mike Pompeo, U. S.  Secretary of State called for Collaboration against China.

The grouping underscores respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

The objective of quad countries is to advance the security and the economic interests of all countries having legitimate and vital interests in the region.

While citing examples of Chinese adventurism, Pompeo brought up the situation in South China, East China Sea, Mekong, and the Taiwan issues apart from mentioning the Himalayas as he alluded to the India China-LAC standoff.

Japanese foreign minister Toshimitsu Motegi 

confirmed in a statement that, China is accused of using military power to intimidate other claimants of disputed waters. 

The Indo-Pacific concept had gained wider acceptance. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought about a profound transformation globally.  The events of this year have clearly demonstrated how imperative it is for like-minded countries to co-ordinate responses to the various challenges that the pandemic has brought. 

The Quad held its first formal meeting about a year prior to New York, which was viewed as an indication of developing anxiety over  China’s international strategy.  The conversation from authentic level talks, during the year  proposes concrete strategies for the living vital issues.