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 Rough Realities

               Indian  National Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said that the arrest of Climate activist Disha Ravi(21 years) was a sign of the Centre’s increasing sense of dread.

The incident was also a sign of reflection of the weakness of those in power.

Along with arrogance, fear was also rising in the central government, “How can a 21-year-old destabilize a government.  Such incidents are a shame to Indian democracy.”  There should be freedom of expression in the country in its true sense. The youth of the country should not remain silent till then and should make their voices heard. The whole world is watching the incidents. he added.


Navalny, President Vladimir Putin's prominent critic, was jailed for almost three years for parole violations. Mr. Navalny stated the case as politically motivated.  This creates tensions between Russia and the West countries.

When he returned to the court for a trial, Confined in a glass box in the Moscow courtroom, Navalny did not hold back in showing his frustration. He berated the judge, mocked a prison official, and sparred with the prosecutor. 

when Navalny went on trial again on charges of defaming a World War II veteran, he had stolen the show -- mocking the judge and clashing with relatives of the veteran, whose family he accused of being "political prostitutes" 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ripped into the performance of his Cabinet and fired a senior economic official he appointed only a month ago, saying they had failed to develop the decaying economy with new ideas.  The report by state media comes during the toughest period of Kim's nine-year rule.   Some analysts say the current economic crisis leads to life horrible.

The current challenges have forced Kim to publicly admit that past economic plans hadn't succeeded.

"The Cabinet failed to play a leading role in mapping out plans of key economic fields and almost mechanically brought together the numbers drafted by the ministries.


 Brittany Higgins a former Australian government staffer has said she was raped in a government minister's office in the parliament. She also accused herself that she was not helped by her bosses even after coming forward.

This has prompted an apology from the Prime Minister. "That should not have happened. And I do apologize," he told "There should not be an environment where a young woman can find herself in such a vulnerable situation. That is not OK."

Brittany Higgins had alleged that after a night out drinking with conservative Liberal Party colleagues, she was sexually assaulted by one of her male colleagues in the now-Defence Minister Linda Reynolds' office.