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Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky,  the war time hero.

      Russian intervention in Ukraine has  seen as a serious breach of international treaties and a violation of a sovereign country. Here Putin is the villain.

     When invasion started,  American president Joe Biden invited Zelensky to America. Zelensky replied, ‘I need weapon not shelter’. When disinformation- absconding news- spread world vide against Zelensky, counter himself in front of the presidency building. “We are all here. Our military is here. Citizens in society are here, defending our independence, defending our  country, and it will stay this way.

Looking sleep deprived, but occasionally smiling,  he appeared without a bullet proof

vest or helmet, despite repeated warnings that Russia intended to assassinate him  and had even sent under cover hit squads to the capital. The day after this, this time in day light, he posted another video in front of the presidency in a Khaki- T – shirt and Jacket. The messages were appeals for national unity that sought to find a balance between lifting spirits,  warning about the gravest danger to the country, while stressing the  “indomitable” character of Ukranians.(K.VIV-AFP).

 President Volodymyr Zelensky, 44 year old, is serving as the president of Ukraine since2019. He grew up in Kryvyi Rih, a Russian-speaking region in south eastern  Ukraine. 


Zelensky was at the height of his career as an actor and comedian before giving it all up to become president of Ukraine now, he is the face of national pride of Ukraine

     Western countries has violated the sovereignty of many countries- Yugoslavia, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Panama, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, to name a few and very recently Afghanistan. The above-mentioned interventions, in their national interest, why would the definition change for the Russians  

     In this situation.  the NATO allies has no voice to speak on moral values. Russia has been supporting the separatists in the Eastern region of Ukraine.

     After Zelensky taken strong stand.  Leaders from many countries, especially youths, French president  Immanuel Macron, Canadian president  Justin Tredeau  and many others offer him  strong support.  U.S, Canada, Britain, 

France, Belgium, Germany, Greece,  Spain, Romania, Portugal, Italy and Israel  have announced their support.In many countries, solidarity marches are taking place

     In Germany more than one lakh people gathered  in Ukraine solidarity.  March.Protesters dressed in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukraine  flag, bearing posters like no world war3

     In Russia itself anti-war activists took to the street to protest Russias invation of Ukraine. They chanted   NO WAR.

Before the Russian invasion,  Ukrain president  passed a law in the parliament to give the citizens to use gun for the safety of their country and themselves.  When invasion started, Zelesky upplied the war equipments to society.  This unpredictable act made Putin administration  in a crisis, for a while. Putin  is trying to vanish Ukrain from earth  But International  society think, Universal light is still with the young, service oriented,  dignified president Zeleskyy.