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People inside  spiritual garbage

It is all decided by god

Our gods are overburdened by work.
They have no one to complain
Poor people can complain to god.
But what about gods?
They kill people on the road by ramming a car.
Nobody else could interfere as it is a will of god.
Falling into the track from a running train.
An operation death by god.
The organic suicide of a farmer on a piece of rope.
Wife kills her husband by administering poison
and then gives him a loved kiss.
It is also the will of god.
God will decide, men will obey.
The next item is of a renouncer saint who killed his disciple for not letting the world know of his sacrifice.
Then he goes around the world as a saint.
This is also god's will. That cannot be stopped.

Man is a head load worker

When the person with imagination put a cornerstone
for the Universe
He thought the Universe needed an owner. 
He created god.
From that day onwards, 
man is carrying the weight of that Complete Person
what a great load!
Through ages, this imaginative creation
immigrated the life of man
If he tried to unload this imaginative creation,
his balance will lost.
There is no use of carrying Him. 
However, he cannot put Him aside.
What can man do ? 
He is just a headload worker.

Slave trade

When slave trade was banned
the modern man tattooed his heart 
with pictures of masons
The tatoo of Jesus, The tatoo of Sreeram,
The tatoo of Karl Marx
There is even a tattoo of Bin Laden
However, he has not tattooed him with his soul.
He does not know how to do it.
He does not know how to tattoo his small tattoo 
among the big tattoos.
He does not have the courage to think about it.
It is not easy for a slave to turn into a mason. 
So he is wandering in Mecca, Rome, Himalaya and 
China with others tattoos on him. 
The progressive modern slave does not realise that 
his soul is being destroyed by the tattoo of others.

Those who get tangled in a locker

Life meant the upliftment of the eternal soul.
However, clever men develop their bank lockers.

As a result, the eternal soul gets shrunk.

Thus this important person gets tangled in a locker
The great masons Jesus, Nabi, Sreekrishna,
nobody can rescue him.
The reason- The key is with him only

Spiritual garbage

Environmental pollution, water pollution, 
noise pollution, plastic pollution, 
Toilet pollution.
Spiritual garbage is a more important
pollutant than them all.
Religion, Strings, Kuttichathans, Human gods,
All are symbols.
As this spiritual garbage get accumulated
the backbone of men turn feeble 
like a banana stem.

Satyatma, 21st Century philosopher, India… Editorial Menu

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