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Stupidly destroying our life conditions on earth - Global Psychologist Benjamin Katz

           Stupid behavior of people harms themselves & others.  By doing it again and again our life conditions on earth is deteriorating.  Hitler and those who backed him up acted cruelly and stupidly is an example.

It is very obvious that we act stupidly as our civilization is destroying our living conditions on earth.

Believers are dependent on their religious faith to stave off their feelings of life’s mundane pettiness and meaninglessness, and thereby religions maintain their power over the minds of most people. Religious faith grants them, they assume, transcendental meaning and significance beyond their short and often insignificant lives. Religions grant them with commandments, security, purpose, togetherness, and plenty of infidels to persecute, fight against, or to convert.   The price is losing the capacity of critical and complex, nuanced thinking.

Most religions do encourage propagation without limits, which will undermine any viable solution for future humanity. The last thing we need in an overpopulated and polluted world, with many unsustainable societies, is the lenient attitude of religious leaders and followers towards uncontrolled multiplication of population and the tensions and frictions that are constantly generated among different religious groups. This is a sure way to a troubled human world!

Our short-sighted, greed-minded, and self-interested economic-consuming approach leads to the Covid19 pandemic. Climate change, deforestation, desertification of good soil, etc leads to this situation All around us the global problems like obesity, deteriorating mental health, superbugs, allergies, and drug abuse have exploded the world.

After Graduated as a clinical psychologist from the University of Copenhagen, He worked successfully with countless clients.

He says In his book, Global Psychology "people look through their prison bars. Some see mud, others stars.  He has tried to build a solid bridge for people between their views of their "life's mud" and their imagined "stars". In his book, Global Psychology, he follows this motto by creating new psychology based on the unification of these two opposites.

Benjamin says I was born in Palestine when it still was an English colony (1945). My childhood was shadowed by atrocities of the Nazi state, wars with the Arab states, and the trauma the Holocaust had inflicted on my parents' generation and the Jewish population in Palestine. The kibbutz I was born in bordering on the 

Negev Desert was home to feisty young Marxists, my parents, and their comrades. They left Poland between 1933–35 to start a new life, liberated from heavy Jewish mentality and centuries of traditions. My mother left her parents and five brothers behind being only eighteen years old, & my father at the age of twenty-one left his parents and six sisters and brother behind also. They did it in order to follow their vision of building a just, socialist kibbutz and a Jewish homeland. They never saw their families again. This new life should inspire a new man liberated from past-ties a proud and fearless human being, productive and filled with solidarity toward the progressive forces throughout the world. I grew up with children who had lost their parents, & people who had lost their loved ones in the world.

What is the point of not saying out loud that our real problem, causing all these plights and problems is our stupidity? Humanity is going astray and we shall ignore in our habitual manner the main cause of it? Will people keep on rejecting our global stupidity outright?

I can see the point of people who promote love, compassion, and forgiveness in our lives, but I know for sure that they won´t save us from ourselves as a civilization. Our dark sides(short sight, reckless power thirst, greed, anti-social behavior/ excessive self-interest ) are due to our mental, biological inbuilt.  

But many people are unaware of this, and they keep on chanting the mantra of love, forgiveness, human compassion.

To think out of the box is to think originally and challenge the premises of our political, social, and religious orders; and to think visionary.

How do we reduce human global stupidity, when it seems to be insidious, a part of our brain circuit?

Reducing human collective stupidity is a very tough job, and it may take hundreds of years to make humans more far-sighted, prioritizing global goals and evolving direction, better globally cooperative, prudent, sustainable, and greed free than current individualism.

I feel sometimes pity for people dealing with semantic and political correctness, as they seem locked up in a trap of seeing trees but not the forest.

I´m convinced that Homo sapiens has-as species- is doomed to decay in this millennium, and the need for upgraded-scaled beings is imperative for our survival, Benjamin Katzthe eminent psychologist,  says.