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                   Who is that GREAT TEACHER.....

       We live in a world where both good forces and  evil forces are very active.  This has lead to a mingling of good and evil.  The situation is such that it becomes difficult for an ordinary person to distinguish between good and evil.  It is ordained that the soul of every human being has to arise from a personal level and seek the universal level.  During ones’s lifetime one will have several duties to fulfill.  In the course of such a life,  each person develops one’s own sensibilities.  Each person’s sensibility is at  different level.  Some examples of such levels are revolutionary, realistic, satiric, spiritual and jnana.  Even with these levels,  the sensibilities ranges  from the pragmatic to the classic.

As majority of the people remains at the lower levels of sensibility,  success in activities at that level is recognized by society.  Since  the human souls remaining at  these levels, uplift to a higher levels is very difficult.  But it is possible only with the guidance of a great Guru. Guru who forgoes everything to serve humanity and helps the human soul to break free and reach a higher  level. This is quite an uphill task.  Society under the influence of evil force is vulgar. When society falls into the abase of evil, great men guide the society from evil towards goodness. 

Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Lord Budha, Sree Narayana Guru, Chattambi Swamikal, Guru Nanak, Karunakara Guru -  all are ‘Mahatmas.’  It is said that Satan tempted Jesus with all the world’s richness  if he would join the evil forces. Jesus, Mohammed and SreeBudha had to suffer for their    good deeds in their times. 

Kerala is known as God’s own country.  But, Swami Vivekananda called Kerala  a  ‘mental asylum’.  It is what our experiences, which shows that God’s own country has today been taken by devil.  Why does this happen?  Because, even though there are people with sensibility and have perceptive, they lack the will to act.  And those who have the power to act remain ignorant of  the right way.  We follow the footsteps of devil, the absurd part is that we do this by keeping God’s image in front of us.

While Jesus Christ said ‘Love thy neighbour’, his follower massacre the people of the neighbouring countries.  Prophet Mohammed was able to hear only the wailing cries of the mother bird, when a child brought (to him?) a fledging as an offering.  Some of His followers today are masters of terrorism.  Sree Narayana Guru said  ‘alcohol is poison’, but among His devotees, you can find many liquor traders.  Recently,  Karunakara Guru's (Kaalaanthara Guru) establishment, Sathigiri Ashram changed  as a  centre of criminals. A millennium tragedy.  Isn’t it?

So many Gurus  - known and unknown to us - have taken birth in this world with the sole purpose of uplifting the human family.  The noble endeavours of all these great teachers became great tragedies which the human race is facing.

The 'Holy Father', 'Mahatheeya Imam',  'Eternal Guru, Supreme Light  -   save the human race from this tragic fate ?.                                                     Satyatma, Editor