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Energy rules the world  :  Rishdev Sri Narendran ji


          Now the dawn of a new age has emerged with solutions whitch are simple, sensible and logical in approach. RISHIDEV NARENDRAN JI is the exponent of this unique system of healing mankind and nature. He is the founder-mentor of SAKTHIVEDA WELLNESS MISSION, Bangalore, India. 


             The action of many human being  are against the law of nature. Unethical and unnatural living, disharmony with nature and unwise decisions are some of the major cause of human sufferings worldwide. Most of the existing solutions  world at large, incompetent to address the problems of people and nature effectively. 95 percent of solutions are to be sought beyond human level whitch remained unidentified. 


            Sakthiveda is the outcome of empirical and intuitive researches encompassing subtle and gross levels of existence, spanning over three decades. It helps you to understand our glorious past and our SELF, the purpose of our existence,  relation between self and the Supreme reality, our possibilities to be in happiness,  peace in the present and in the future.


            Sakthi is energy, Veda is knowledge  and combining both implies the knowledge on energy . According to Rishidev, everything in the universe is made and maintained by Energy.


                It is the mission to act as a catalyst in personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, social and global.


             Transformation paving way for total wellbeing,  prosperity and peace, to explore the possibilities of genetic re-engineering for eugenic generation of human race in present age and to protect mother earth and all creations.