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             Jillian Hendricks is globally recognized as "that woman who brought a dead ladybug back to life." Her eyes shine and her hands literally glow when she shares her most potent spiritual gifts with friends, family, and strangers alike. She telepathically connects with the angels and light beings, directly channeling unconditional love and sending completely electric healing to those in need.


Jillian says -  I was about 10 years old & my mom was really sick. She had entities cleansed out of the house, and I snuck out and peeked around the corner. I wasn't suppose to, but I was a curious little girl and did.


I saw a bunch of people sitting in a circle. I walked back into my room and noticed weird things started happening.


I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing; my teddy bear started talking to me, and crayons started to move...


Needless to say I didn't tell anyone about this. 


I've always been hyper-aware of things around me, feeling  

heightened empathy for people's feelings, but I never acted on it.  I suppressed it instead, fearing how people would treat me: punishment, anger, fear, abandonment. 


A little later in life I began working with tarot cards, and learning how to skry with a crystal ball (I named him Herbert, lol).


I picked "him" out at a store downtown because I saw a crescent moon on him.


I have no idea how or why I saw that: no one else did.


Recent construction in my neighborhood  -  unearthed graves of several resting native Americans never put back to rest properly. 
(So guess where they went: my home.)

The unexplainable orbs and colors, an umbrella of feelings of unrest got to the point I needed outside help. I asked a shaman from a Native American tribe to visit my home, hoping for a successful cleanse the Native way.

It was! After that visit "they" were all gone.


Unfortunately, recently "they" returned; I've been scared out of my mind. I didn't know, or understand who/what in this house that's trying to connect with me, good or bad. 

It felt like it was following me around. I was so terrified I even went to a church seeking guidance, seeking sacred ground... but it wasn't.

I saw a vision of Jesus's head pop out of the Bible. Sadly this too got me nowhere except more frightened. 


I would go to my friend's house; I was literally afraid to go home. We sat out on her porch, and everywhere I could see things: shapes, symbols, colors, spirit apparitions... entities. 


My friend asked me if I was afraid of what I saw, and I firmly said NO... suddenly I felt no fear. She then stated:


"Jillian, if you're not afraid, just go to them." We both asked St Theresa to watch over me; for the next few hours all I did was stare at her walls.


Suddenly I saw everything! 

I started seeing one color at a time, then a whole rainbow appeared. I witnessed an angelic presence that was clear and iridescent. 


A bright white light appeared, and it felt like my third eye completely open. Once opened, a deluge of information came flooding in through the top of my head.


Afterwards,  I felt, this was over.   I entered a trance state lasting over three hours. 


I got up to go back into my friend's house. I was no longer afraid; I had seen my nana standing there, smiling at me and clearly said, 
"Jillian I'm so proud of you." She passed in 2004.


Jillian hopes to connect with others who have survived traumatic and/or near-death experiences. As she works on an autobiography and a reality TV show, she promises to help,  you share your story too! 


She suggested “Always look inside yourself and you will find the answers.”