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Awarology - a science of superconsciousness

        According to the science of Awarology, from birth to death everybody is going through mental and physical sufferings in one way or the other.  Each and everyone find his life as a problem of survival.  The most basic question arises in everybody’s in some phase of life that, what is the meaning of human existence?  No other life forms can ask such a question due to their unawareness.

The person who cannot say ‘I will be born’ cannot say I will die.  It is not the ‘I’s will to die but death is the evolutionary process of flesh.  If one has no control over his birth, he will not have any control over his death either.  If a man has no control over his

birth and death,  then who can say that I will die for ever.  Birth and death are events happening in consciousness,  becomes real when one is in life.  If life is an event happening, then how can one say that I have taken birth and I will die?

Truth or God or Consciousness cannot be divided.  It must be one and only entity whose nature is insignificant. It may be beyond space and time.  Brain may feel it as  nothingness.  The genetic pattern which gives tendencies and desires divides the consciousness and individualize. No two exactly  equal personalities are possible on earth due to the shuffling of genes at the time of the formation of zygote.  Due to the


difference in tendencies and desires, each one thinks that his consciousness is different from the other.  This is an illusion.

If the choosing of life is denied at the time of birth, no one can die on earth, which is its logic by reasoning.  If the present  birth has denied,  the choosing of the mode and the place of the birth, the possibility of taking birth at any time and at any place after the death is clearly open.  That means no one on  earth  can die forever.  Death is only  the changing of the worn-out flesh to a new one.  This is not  a rebirth claimed by Vendanta  or some religions.  The genetic science forbids the theory of rebirth due to  the shuffling of the genes at the formation of human flesh.

Whoever thinks that ‘I exist on earth’ always has been existing on earth even before his birth and even after his death.  There is a time delay of nearly  eight or six hours one getting up after his  sleep whereas no delay even for seconds is there to take birth after the death.

When God or Truth is linked to human brain, it turns to be consciousness which has only one nature that it judges the sensual information using brain, whether right or wrong, good or bad, possible or not possible etc.  Then it is called awareness.  That means man’s brain is capable of connecting the truth or God in the  form of consciousness.  When the truth turns to be Consciousness, it loses the experiences of future and past in present time, so man is one third of Truth or God.  The human mind is not capable of experiencing even the present.  It is filled with the memory of the unsatisfied past and the anxiety of future.  So the life is full of miserable thoughts of past, present and future.  An intelligent mystic can reject thoughts of

past and anxiety of the future and can live in present (tath_hatha).  Such a mystic finds answer to the question, what is life?  Or what is the purpose of life?  These questionings themselves fills one’s life with real richness, happiness, peace and at ease by its nature.  A great example of such a mystic is  Sree Buddha.  The state of living in the present is known as Enlightenment or Buddha hood or Nirvana state.

Nirvana is the answer of life’s meaning and purpose.  But a man living in possessiveness and selfishness cannot find that life has a purpose because from birth to death such a man is engaged with the solution of his sufferings.

What is Nirvana? Nirvana is the state of saving one’s self from being born again or the state of escaping from then life-force giving human birth.  Nirvana is the only real death

Though man is capable of choosing his life, he is able to stop of being taken birth by his consciousness.  Why should a man take steps to stop his birth after the death?  What is the risk of being taken birth?  The first risk is that if the birth has not been stopped there is a chance of one’s ‘I consciousness’ taking birth in any mean or unhealthy womb in any place of the world which continues the sufferings because the choosing of, birth is denied by life force.  The second risk is there is       no guarantee for getting intelligent brain which is able to find the truth of life and Nirvana.  Whatever may be the state of being born should be accepted.  The proof of this is that many of the supposed to be intelligent people existing now are not able to find the meaning of Nirvana even if they are convinced.  The Master, Maxi D' costa  said.