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Miserable lives amidst prosperity.

Life changes rapidly with the inventions and the resultant stylistic changes.  Society becomes perverted !.

Do these fast developments bring forth peace?  In fact, unrest is on the rise; massacres become a day-to-day affair.  It is in the same way, no matter be it in Switzerland, Sri Lanka, America,  Africa or India, it is all the same.

Spirituality and religion used to be its solution.  However, they themselves cause resentment. We were under the impression that religion would offer us a way out.  It never happened.

When they become religious, people lose human identity and become superstitious.  They start quarreling with each other.

The Muslim race which dates back nearly two thousand five hundred years in human history makes the final word of God as theirs.  To them, other traditions are enemies.  This emerging race with distorted notions and strong prayers should not wait too long to become the main race in the world.

In the Hindu religion, their primitive devotion and rituals lead to inhuman soul evolution.  That leads to negative sensuous growth.

Jesus is the Saviour for the Christian.  Jesus will bear their sin.  Has it happened?.

In a Democracy, every one is every vote.  But not everyone has  the same value in soul evolution.  All souls exist in different layers according to the level of the evolution process. Narendra Modi, French President Macron, Donald Trump, Korean President  Kim are souls in different layers.  They are unaware of the growth of the soul.  These leaders cannot do anything substantially good to their society because they are in dark about things in the karmic layer.

Religions do not speak of the evolution of the soul.  Because, when evolution becomes the subject matter, then religions would cease to exist.

All the existing human races have limitations.  Insiders cannot evaluate it. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, or, Jewish.  Humans are decaying within the confines of their respective 

series.  This decay manifests as physical, mental, and spiritual illness.  Modern science is not of a long vision.

Shouldn’t we also investigate the subject of evolution of Jeeva(soul)?  It doesn’t happen because educators, writers, scientists, and lawmakers are rooted in any of the religions or doctrines.

Discernment, scholarship, law, and culture have gone downhill in society.  Thus the decay is attained to perfection.

In this state of no solution, no civilization can sustain!.  You can only dress up and celebrate.  That is what is happening now.  Something like a funeral procession.

We need to be freed from many forms of prejudices.  We should give up the superstitions that linger upon like the  Paternal world, Demonic world, the dream world, and the heaven.   Then only can one attain self-consciousness.  With that sense, only a person can be awakened.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Editor