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Joseph S.Spence, Sr.

My Noble Brother – Mahatma Gandhi


Read some Satyagraha thoughts about Mahatma Gandhi today

Really stirred my humble soul in  really mighty way

Reading such, I saw exciting visions of inspiration

Renewing, my soul and spirit with such awesome motivation


His story of endearment, “Bapu,” in Gujarati-so precious!

His mission, sought quality of life, so ambitious

His books, inspired spirituality –awesome reality!

His leadership, uplifting and inspiring, prevented a real travesty


Like Moses he was, saving a nation from Pharaoh thru the Red Sea

Like Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of freedom

Like Nelson Mandela, Bafana-“Father of a Nation!”

Like George Washington, crossing Delaware River, nation creation


As a venerable soul, he loved his people just like a beloved father

As a leader, he was an awesome and a truly loving brother

As “father of a Nation,” he lifter others up with his hands

As a great legal scholar, he fought for independence with his plan


I visited, Rev.Dr.M.L.King Jr., center down in Atlanta

I found, Gandhi’s room on the 2nd level-so splendid!

I saw, his pictures and history, carefully attended

I saw him, and read his words; they were like manna from heaven


His blessed soul, was actually sent by God from up above

His persona, descended the sky with sincere love

His image, an olive branch from a beautiful dove

His shedding of saving light, came to others with awesome true love


As I read along, images  of a great hero suddenly appeared

As one, who impacted the world so much reverence

As I stood, he shook my hands, gave me a big hug

As I surely know-his legacy others will inherit!

As my mother taught me,

“Killing the body liberates the inevitable ethos of the true spirit”  


                                             Reflection poem by Joseph S.Spence, Sr.