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       Civilization created by modern society is broken due to Corona Epidemic. Administration, Political ideologies, Social Order, Economy, Theology etc., everything is spoiled.   Now it is time to make it correct according to Gandhian values. Please re-read Mahatma Gandhi’s words……

Our ignorance or negligence of the Divine Law, which gives to man from day to day his daily bread and no more, has given rise to inequalities with all; the miseries attendant upon them. The rich have a superfluous store of things which they do not need and which are,  therefore, neglected and wasted; while millions starve and are frozen to death for want of them. If each retained possession only of what he needed,   

no one would be in want and all would live in  contentment.  As it is, the rich are discontented no less than the poor.  The poor man would fain become a millionaire and the millionaire a multi- millionaire. The poor are often not satisfied when they get just enough to fill their stomach; but they are clearly entitled to it and society should make it a point to see that they get it. The rich must take an initiative in the matter with a view to a universal diffusion of the spirit of contentment. If only they keep their own  property within moderate limits the poor will be easily fed; and will learn the lesson of contentment along with the rich.  Perfect fulfillment of the ideal of non-possession requires that man  should, like the birds, have no roof over his head, no clothing and no stock of food for the  

morrow. He will, indeed, need his daily bread, but it will be God’s business, and not his to provide for it. Only a very few rare soul can attain this ideal, however. We ordinary seekers can only keep it constantly in view and in the light thereof, critically examine our property and try to reduce it everyday. Civilization in the real sense of the term consists not in the multiplication but in the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants, which promotes real happiness and contentment and increases the capacity for service.  One can reduce one’s wants by perseverance, and the reduction of wants makes for happiness-a healthy body and a peaceful mind. From the standpoint of pure truth, the body too is property acquired by the soul. By means of a desire for enjoyment we have created and continue to maintain this encumbrance in the shape of the body.

When this desire vanishes, there remains no further need for the body, and man is free from the vicious cycle of births and deaths. The soul is omnipresent; why should she care to be confined within the cage like body, or do evil and even kill for the sake of that cage? We thus arrive at the ideal of total renunciation and learn to use the body for the purposes of service so long as it exists, so much so that service and not bread becomes with us the staff of life. We eat and drink, sleep and awake for service alone. This brings us real happiness, and beatific vision in the fullness of time. Let us all examine our possession from this standpoint.

We should remember that non-possession is a principle applicable to  thoughts as well as to things.