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Utilitarian Era is over... Satyatma, 21st Century Philosopher


Spiritual Pollution

            Pollution in Spirituality is a matter of concern today because it is as hazardous as the pervasion of plastic toxin into the atmosphere and toilet waste into the water sources.  Religions, Man-Gods, Goblins, and even the wearing of sacred strings as a sign of being part of a particular cult are the filthy marks of polluted spirituality. Man’s backbone (spiritual consciousness and awareness of Truth) becomes as feeble as the banana stem when he carries the heap of this filth.

Marriage Tragedies

        “If the marriage occurs between a man of superior personality dimension and a woman of inferior personality dimension or vice versa, they needn’t go to the hell to experience the tribulation of the hell. If children are born with inferior personal dimension and over shrewdness, their parents will become ‘unwanted items’ even to orphanages. If the matters are brought to the court of law, the judge and the lawyer will become parts of the institutions that make judgments without knowing facts. What if the judge is of inferior personal dimension and the lawyer is of over- shrewdness…!!! 

Dies qualitatively while alive

         Human needs self-consciousness - not astrological consciousness. Self-consciousness leads him to the Universe. In religions, we lost consciousness. Sense of sectarianism -  idol, thread, enchantment, and passion for luxury leads to lower consciousness. He falls from identical existence – ie., dies qualitatively while alive.

Evolution of Soul

            In a Democracy, everyone is every  vote.  But not everyone has the same value in soul evolution.  All souls exist in different layers according to the level of the evolution process. Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Mahatma Gandhi,, Sri Aurobindo, Film Maker G. Aravindan,  Lady Gaga are souls in different layers.  Society is unaware of the growth of souls.

 Present leaders cannot do anything substantially good to our society because they are in dark about things in the karmic layer.

Religions do not speak of the evolution of soul.  Because, when evolution becomes the subject matter, then religions would cease to exist.

Pleasure Seekers Wisdom!!

          Systematic monasticism limits the scope of soul – they leave nothing.  Their limitation is for convenience – like the knowledge and pride of a fourth-grade teacher.  Wisdom is not before them.  Only a small stretch of sky to protect them. Consciousness needs to be upgraded – one by one – precisely, that is what is Sree Narayana Guru espoused.  This cannot be achieved through either strategy or mantra. It is not possible with Capitalist Gurus.

         Through conscious reasoning, with severe pain, the person survives ancestral deities, existing gods and all other  metaphysical phenomenon’s one by one, and enter into the universal freedom steadily.  New social order is needed. Are the rulers have the wisdom, insight and courage to do it?