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Meghan Markle,  the Duchess of U.K.Comments

          "Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive the education that they want - but more importantly the education they have the right to receive. "It's the little things that have the biggest impact."

"And for women and girls in developing countries, this is vital. Providing them with access to education is the key to economic and social development. 

"Because when girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create incredible futures, not only for themselves but also for those around them."

More than 60 million girls of primary and lower secondary age are out of school around the world because of conflict, poverty, and discrimination.

Often, girls are marginalized and are out of school simply because they are girls and it is not the cultural norm. 

Their chances of getting quality education are even smaller if they come from a poor family, live in a rural area, or have a disability.

Ketaki Desai  TOI, from her report

When Prachi was 12 and on a family vacation to Mahabaleshwar, her 14-year-old cousin began to make her uncomfortable. Every time I was with him, I would find his hand near my chest. He would press it with his elbow the whole time It has traumatized me to this day, I cannot sit in a public place without a bag in front of me, says the 30-year-old graphic designer who went on to cut contact with everyone in her family except her parents. When she was 17,a car, behind her slowed down, and one of the men got out, grabbed her breasts hard while the other filmed her. She chased down the car, dragged the men out, hit them and went to the police. The number plate is still seared into her memory. You hate yourself when these  things  happen,  and  it  still   affects  me.  It’s made  me  see  all  men

the same way, even if it is a 90year old uncle.

Alpa Shah, Professor and Researcher

The ancestors inhabit the waters, the forests and the landscape. Indigenous people therefore deeply nurture and protect the environment around them as our commonwealth. Equally remarkable is the indigenous perspective on gender relations.

What is so extraordinary about these forested areas is the much greater status, respect, and freedom. Women within these have as compared to their counterparts in the agriculture plains. During my fieldwork, I could see how women danced and drank homemade brew alongside Men

Women had the freedom to leave bad relationships or start new ones without being ostracized. In some way, indigenous women had many of the freedoms that feminists have so long fought for.

Fanny von  Heland,  Sweden embassy

Worldwide, women are not encouraged to pursue educations and careers in science and technology. Biases, both conscious and unconscious, limit girls’ and women’s progress within these fields.  Not only are people more likely to associate science and technology with men than with women, but also often hold negative opinions of women in “masculine” positions like computer scientists and engineers. 

Moreover, women often judged less competent than their male colleagues.  The few women who decide to pursue careers in science and technology are also paid less for their work compared to men and experience huge difficulties in advancing in their careers.

The fight against gender disparity in science and technology must be fought by all-families, educational institutions, companies, and governments.  It’s a fight we cannot afford to lose, as women’s representation in science and technology is essential to design inclusive and sustainable societies.

Gender inequality can only become a thing of the past if we all strive to strengthen women/girls’ rights, representation, and resources based on the reality they live in.

Rahul Gandhi, Leader, Indian National Congress

Rahul Gandhi urged girl students to be independent and achieve financial and psychological independence.

The most important thing is independence, that you are not dependent on anyone. You have to be able to strive and survive on your own. That would include financial independence psychological independence, all different types of independence. Society does not like women who are independent and added that so girls have to work slightly harder than boys. That is why you have a dual responsibility to be independent and to help your sisters who are struggling to become independent. It has to be done with humility and respect and never with anger or hatred.