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Jamie Vardy: the Story of a Golden star in Silver Screen


     Hollywood has always had its moments when inspiration often came from real life stories of heroes and villains and simple plain human beings. No matter how predictable the movie becomes, sports stars evolving from being underprivileged and disregarded, always sits well with the world audience. Well, here comes the good news for the English football maniacs gaga over the footwork and skills of the next big thing; Jamie Vardy.

Yet another definitive biographic movie comes out of the struggles faced by one of our favorite sports stars. Yes, this time, Hollywood has caught its hook on Jamie Vardy, the 29-year old precious striker in the national football team of 

England and also, the Leicester City club. The movie will focus on how Vardy turned his life around by sticking his passion of football to his heart and fighting on until hisdreams began to take shape.

In what seems like a series of dramatic events, Jamie Vardy’s life has spun around from being a low-paid factory worker to the most coveted football player in the recent sports history of England. And Hollywood has taken it upon itself to let the world know therags-to-riches story of this English player through its classic sure shot move, an inspiring sports movie. 

Even while struggling through strained family relationships,Vardy fought against the odds and began playing football at a very young age. Before being noticed by professional football clubs, he used to play in non-league local football teams along  with working as a technician making medical splints, to make ends meet. Every day, he had to work for more than 12 hours at the factory andpractice for the game after he got off work.

Seasons changed and Vardy was soon playing in Stocksbridge Park Steels, FC Halifax Town and Fleetwood Town clubs. Having evolved quickly into a goal-machine, it wasn’t too long before he was signed up to play for Leicester City, sealing the non-league deal with a whopping £1 million. He hasn’t had to look back ever since. From being paid £30 a week, his salary had been raised up to £40000 a week, and his new three-year contract with Leicester City offers him a significant hike on the reward side.

Stocksbridge Park Steels, Vardy’s first club, has planned now to name a stand after him in his honor. Jamie Vardy is now an important name in the England internationals and is one of the most sought-after players. What’s more,he is the first striker to score consecutively in 11 Premier League matches! 

He is also listed as one of the top-scorers in the Premier League currently.

Vardy is amused by the fact that his life story is being made into a Hollywood movie. As to who would be playing him on the silver screen, it is still being discussed. Rumours hang around the name of Louis Tomlinson, one of the heartthrobs from the boyband One Direction. The Hollywood screenwriter Adrian Butchart, the creative mind behind the Goal! series of films, was seen spending time with the upcoming star after his brilliant two-goal game against Liverpool at the King Power Stadium. The movie is expected to inspire millions of dreamers to take on life with confidence, persistence and dedicated hard work. We hope Jamie is as excited as we are, to see his life shine on the big screen soon!