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Ghee v/s Blood: Vijender Singh beats Alexander Horvath 

    When the 20-year old Alexander Horvath, the snake blood drinker from Hungary entered the boxing arena trusting his sanguine concoction to save him, nothing must have prepared him for what was coming. Vijender Singh, as the media are saying, knocked out the venom from the young opponent in the third round itself.

Vijender Singh from India kept up his winning streak with an effortless win against Alexander Horvath at the Liverpool Echo Arena in London. Singh has been in form for a long time and Horvath was forced to retire almost a minute into the third round of the match, after he was pummelled with a punch against his left shoulder.

Singh marked his fourth win in a row in middleweight pro-boxing matches with this win. In his first bout, he did a technical knockout against England’s Sony Whiting. Dean Gillen, with whom his second bout happened, was also from England, and he got knocked out in the last minute of the opening round. Samet Hyuseinov of Bulgaria, also faced a technical knockout in the second round of the third fight.

Alexander Horvath had challenged Vijender Singh outside the arena on Saturday.

The 30-year old Indian had taken a cool and calm composure both inside and outside the boxing ring before knocking the youth out. Horvath had claimed that he had been drinking snakes’ blood to generate supernatural powers that he needed to defeat the Indian boxer.  

The unbeaten Vijender Singh declared his victory against the seemingly immature Hungarian, who was prepared, but not prepared enough for the pure natural power that Singh had been nurturing. Singh had admitted that Horvath seemed to be the toughest contender he might have had to face up until now, before the fight. Vijender Singh spent months preparing for the fight that the entire world waswatching intently as this would be his last fight before his first WBO Asian Title match in India. 

Meanwhile, the trash talking Hungarian, had quoted before the fight: “The blood of these animals make me powerful beyond words.With snake blood 

coursing through my veins, there is no way that Singh will defeat me.”

Horvath had commented that Singh may be a little celebrity back in India, but none of that will help him when he steps into the ring. “I’m heading over to England to teach him a lesson in boxing and there’s only going to be one winner; on the night, I will be too strong and too quick for him,” he had said. Too bad that none of these challenges paid off for the young man, even though he has the advantage of more number of professional wins and 31 matches under his belt.

It’s not just Horvath who resort to weird unnatural rituals such as drinking snakes’ blood. As part of their training, even US Marines who are considered some of the toughest soldiers are known to drink cobra blood during their gruelling jungle survival training.In the case of Horvath, he had chosen to drink the blood of one of the deadliest snakes in


the world, the Viper.

Horvath was aggressive during Saturday’s fight and had connected some of the punches, but they were apparently not enough to leave Singh scathed. Vijender Singh also had the advantage of height and weight over the decade-younger opponent, who was left with only the words of challenge he had thrown onto the star Indian boxer.

What did Vijender have to say about the fight? “I don’t know what happened to him. I think he was looking to get out by making an excuse. It’s a good start of the year for me. I am happy to register another knockout win.” Looks like Vijender Singh is on to winning more professional boxing titles ahead. This Haryana native is bringing India and its boxing glory to the attention of the world, dieting not on snake blood, but on pure desi butter and ghee, and no trash talks or psychological moves against his opponents. Instead, the man just fights with all his might.                                                 Ujjual Paramasivam