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Rio - A Great Experience : Brazilians

                 The Games have been really successful. Brazilians have been in the spotlight, and culturally we like that. We are so passionate about everything we do that some of our actions may have impressed people from other countries.

                 Being in the spotlight for a positive thing and showing the world we are good at something has made us Brazilians very proud. João Paulo from Brazil said. 

             Opening ceremony was beautiful. It displayed so many nice features of our culture.  It displayed so many nice features of our culture. Brazilian graphic artist André Gola. Every Brazilian athlete is a hero. I especially enjoyed watching our boxing champion Robson Conceicao who is a kid from a poor community from Salvador. Martha Schaer from Salvador excited. 

               The male volleyball team has been fantastic. Seeing the players beating Argentina in the quarter-finals in such a tight game was electrifying. Past competitions where Brazilians’ performance have been impressive are the pole vault, where Thiago Braz performed perfectly, the female Judo, where the City of God-born athlete Rafaela Silva defeated not only her opponent, but also prejudice and racial injury, Keila Guimaraes, said.

                   Unfortunately,  the sports incentive will be hit hard with Brazil facing a big recession. For example, the handball team has not had any investment since 2014, despite our reaching the Olympics quarter-finals for the first time ever. Many medals Brazil won have come from unexpected sports.  I hope our success brings more people into sports, as it is one of the best ways to change and give opportunity for the poor.   That’s what I’d like to see. Brazil civilian Rodrigo Guedes commented.

                      Laura Innocenti said,  I didn’t had the chance to go to Rio, but some of my friends have praised the organization and also the willingness of both volunteers and visitors. We are more than 202m people and deserved the chance to show the world how great we are. 

                   Juliana Motzko said, everything was well organised. The areas that have been constructed for the Olympics are really beautiful and the vibe of the people is awesome. I have been very suprised and happy with the evolution of the sport in Brazil. I sincerely hope it lasts after the Olympics. 

                      Miriam Jordão said, Iam   really happy to see how Brazilian athletes did their best and so many athletes worldwide did the same. I’m also delighted that Neymar could inspire the football team to the gold medal and a victory over Germany at last. But we’ll still have the 7-1 World Cup defeat in our minds forever. 

                      Daniela Giacobbo said, I think the world became enchanted by the beauty of Rio and the sports facilities of the Olympic Village, and all the spaces where competitions took place. I hope more young Brazilians will be interested in sports. 

              The Rio mayor, Eduardo Paes, concluded that we served up a great environment for the Games. The security and hospitality of locals and volunteers was spot on, and there were no problems with the transport system we were so worried about. People were truly taken in by the energy of the sports. The Rio mayor, has already said that arenas will be reused after the Games. I’m happy about this as sport can be a tool for social inclusion and to fight poverty. I really hope that will be Rio 2016’s legacy.