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British mum stopped a 43-hour mountain race to breastfeed.

     Sophie Power, 36, was 16 hours in to Ultra trail of Mont-Blanc when she was pictured at a rest stop feeding her three-month-old son Cormac.

She wanted the image out there to draw attention to a policy which previously stopped her deferring participation after becoming pregnant.

The Londoner had previously been accepted into the race in 2014, but was told she could not put off participation because pregnancy was "a choice".

She said: "They allow deferrals for injuries but do not accept for pregnancy."

All up Power completed 112 miles, crossing Italy, France and Switzerland.

The route took her 43 hours and 33 minutes.

Sophie Power, 36, was 16 hours into a 42-hour marathon across three countries.

" I fed son Cormac on the start line and my husband brought the pump to the other aid stations and was ferrying milk back to him," she explained after crossing the finishing line last week.

"Cormac is three months old - his older brother Donnacha was also in Courmayeur playing outside," she said.

The authorities allow deferrals for injuries but do not accept this for pregnancy as it is in their words 'a choice'," said Sophie Power "I really want to get the message out - most other international races have changed their policy to be fair to women.

"Cormac usually feeds every three hours and it took me 16 to Courmayeur.

“ I was so relieved he was hungry!"

Power said motherhood had led her to race in a different way.