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 Peaceful Countries in the World - G P I Survey 

            The Global Peace Index (GPI) report from the Institute of Economics and Peace shows the relative level of peace in 162 countries. They ranked the countries based on 22 different indicators, including level of violent crime ,relations with neighboring countries, the absence of war, contribution to U.N peace keeping mission, schooling etc. The low GPI index score indicates more peaceful countries. 

            In a ranking   of 163 countries Syria has been named the least peaceful, followed by Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. India ranked 141 on the GPI. India has moved up two position, but the study said the country’s score has deteriorated over the past year- which means the slight rise in ranking could be due to worse performance of others.

          Within South Asia, Bhutan has ranked best (13th overall rank). The report said India’s scores for ongoing domestic and international conflict and militarization have deteriorated slightly. The country remains vulnerable to acts of terror and security threats at its shared border with Pakistan. Violence impacted Indi’s economy by USD 679.80 billion in 2016, 9% of India’s GDP or USD 525 per person.

          According to the report, world became a less peaceful in the coming years, mainly on account of the increased terrorism and higher levels of political instability. Rankings of 81 countries have improved but deterioration in another 79 outweighed these gains.

         And now there are fewer countries in the world which can be considered truly at peace- In other words, not engaged in any conflicts either internally or externally.

Followings list of 10 most peaceful countries in the world.

         Iceland, GPI Score: 1.192 : According to Global Peace Index for the year 2017, Iceland is the most peaceful country to live. The country has high level democracy, gender equality and low incarceration. The literacy rate in the country is 99% and there is no tuition fee for education. The Icelanders are also one of well-informed people in the world. They are also top in reading literacy and book publication. There is female presence in politics, education, health and employment in Iceland. It is also the first European country to elect a female President, Vigdis Finnbogadottir became the fourth President of Iceland in 1980. Iceland is also free from mosquitoes because they can’t thrive in Icelandic conditions.

        Denmark is a least corrupt and happiest country in the world. The high literacy rate, advanced health care systems, high standard of living and prosperity make Denmark as an exceptionally good country to live in.

       Denmark, GPI Score: 1.246  :  This Nordic country also ranked among the top countries with gender equality. This implies strong presence of women in political empowerment, health and education in Denmark. The high level social welfare in Denmark promises free education and health care. It helps the Danes to achieve work-life balance due to high taxation in the country. The residents of Copenhagen (most populated city in Denmark) prefer to ride bicycles or walking to reach their school or workplace. It is to make the city carbon-neutral by the year 2025.

         Austria, GPI Score: 1.278  :  This European country is one of best place to live because the country has very low crime and homicide rate. Austria is also known for its cleanliness and strict recycling law to protect the environment.

       New Zealand, GPI Score: 1.287 :  New Zealand has a truly advanced social progress, low incarceration and  friendly

relation with neighboring countries. There is also strong and independent judiciary system and much committed police force in the country.

        This safe country also offers world class educational system and advanced health care. The Kiwis also get free or low cost health care from the government in case of sickness or unemployment`.

        Portugal is a rising star in the area- it raised nine places in the rankings this year and clinched a spot in the top five. With financial reforms in place, Portugal has made significant strides in lowering violence and terror and is returning to greater political stability and economic promise.  

        Czech Republic, GPI Score: 1.360  :  Czech Republic is a small landlocked European country which shares borders with Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. Tourism is the main industry in the Czech Republic. Prague, the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited cities in Europe. You don’t have to worry about violence or robbery if you are planning to visit the Czech Republic. Because, the crime rates in 

the country is very low. To ensure the safety of the foreigners there is also efficient emergency services. Due to the massive migration of the foreigner, the Czech Republic has a diverse population. As a result, you can see a wide variety of restaurants and bars throughout the country. Your pleasant journey across this country is promised with the cheap and safe public transportation system.

       Switzerland, GPI Score: 1.370  :  The clean cities, low crime rate and high quality food make Switzerland as one of the happiest Countries to live in. Switzerland has top-notch educational and healthcare system. Undoubtedly, such system helps to improve the talent of the people. The salary rate in the country is high and the tax rate is relatively low. Switzerland is also one of the best tax havens in the world.     

        Switzerland is also one of top greenest countries in the world. The Swiss commonly prefer renewable energy sources and eco-friendly products. The country also has extensive cycling routes.

        As by nominal per capital GDP Austria is one of the richest countries in the world. The country also has a high standard of living and awesome transportation systems. The beauty and historical architecture of Austria also attracts millions of tourists every year.         Canada, GPI Score: 1.388  :  The Canadian government considered the security of   

citizens as one of the coreelements of a good nation. The country has very low homicide and crime rate. According to the report of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Canada has a life satisfaction score of 7.6 out of 10.

         Canada is one of top educated countries in the world. The percentage of tertiary education population of the country is 52.6%.The voter turnout percentage in Canada is 61%. This data indicate Canadians trust in their govt. The govt.abolished the capital punishment in 1976. The unemployment rate in Canada is very low, just 6.6%.

         Japan, GPI Score: 1.395  :  The technologically advanced Japan is also well known for peace keeping in the society. The rate of violent crime and homicide are very low in the country. Japan only has a defense force for internal security and has no professional military force at all. Japan also keeps a cordial relationship with the neighboring countries.

        Japan is also the third largest economy in the world by nominal GDP (US$5960180 millions).Japan also has an awesome transportation system. The passenger transportation in Japan mainly relies on railways. The bullet trains in Japan can achieve a maximum speed of 350 km/hr. The average delay time of trains in this country is just 10-16 seconds.

         Slovenia, GPI Score: 1.408  :  Slovenia is a new entrant to the list. The mountainous territory which has a developed economy and the second richest by GDP behind the Czech Republic. Slovenia benefits from a well-educated workforce well developed infrastructure and its location at the crossroads of major trade routes.

        GPI rankings consider the basic infrastructure and the overall peace prevails in a nation as its measuring units. Which means it somewhat neglects the tensions within a nation. We need a Universal perspective on Peace. It should not be on the basis of the facilities a country offers. It should be on the basis of how a nation encounters the issues arising within her and how successfully she is carrying over her culture with time.

       India could make a better position in the GPI rankings. The land of MK Gandhi, who chose ahimsa over himsa, is at 141th position in the rankings. The internal conflicts on religion, terrorism and corruptions are the major factors that barring India from making a top most position. 

       Efforts to bring peace in Africa always fail. It is because the nation does not even have the capability to meet the basic requirements of its people. Such a nation which has always been a battleground of diseases and racism could not do anything in these peace movements.

       We must try to make arms embargoes more effective and promote regional peace making. But the UN cannot be expected to enforce a peace that does not exist. When the world body intervenes it should either to nurture a true peace or to impose one by overwhelming strength.

       Our nations are actually giving misleading information about them to protect their own selfish motives. It is one reason that peace does not exist among nations. Even, democracy is giving people the freedom for committing crimes such as mistreating women and robbery. Even though there is Peace Rankings are being conducted every year and claims that peace exist everywhere, the fact is that peace does not exist anywhere in the world.