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   How to have  a healthy child

                   According to Ayurveda, a healthy child is not an output of an accidental copulation, but a result of arranged union of mother and father in order to produce a healthy offspring. These arrangements start even before the conception. The factors like


1) Gotra(clan).of the husband and wife                should be different. 
2) Jaati (caste).of husband and wife should          be the Same .
3) Prakrithi (body constitution)should be              different .
4) Desam(locality)….should be the same

5) a) Age - Male age should be between26          to 28.    Female should be between                 22-24. 

b) Ritu(Season)….The best season                       for conception is hemantha.           

c ) The sexual union be done only at night. 6) A few things about the pregnancy regimen are considered to have influence on this action.


    Some of the relevant factors are, One is the time of conception. Nowadays when even a small thing is consulted with an astrologer it’s rather strange that people are not at all concerned about the time of union. Ashtanga Hridaya evidently states that a union at night only produces a proper and healthy offspring. Kuchimara Tantra bhashyam also supports this view.


    Modern science also agrees  that the culture, mindset, psychological trains and fears of the parents affect the child. A harmony between all of these is just not enough for the upbringing of a child, but essential for its proper conception too. A child   born  out   of    rape   has   more chances  of   going   wrong than a normal kid.

Kids  always    should   be a product  of  love, not   a   byproduct  of     an  accident.   Another factor   is  the   food and the  mind   set  of   the    Pregnant   mother. 


   According to Cchadogyopanishathu ,the dense part (sthoolamsha) of the food we eat becomes the waste(mala),the subtle part (sookshmamsha)becomes the consciousness (Mana) and the remaining forms the body humors (Dhatu).When the ingested food and imbibed words are properly assimilated, healthy body and mind forms subsequently. So the food, life style and mindset of the parents play a supreme role in the shaping up of the child.   It is  essential  to  follow the code of conduct   prescribed  for pregnancy unfailingly for  a proper  delivery  and a healthy  kid.  A new birth always  brings  us joy but a new and healthy   birth   brings something far more great,  it brings us hope.