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The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge


         Switzerland has built a bridge from the mind of Grachen to the heart of Zermatt. And it is now recognized as the longest bridge in the world..!!


The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world, Charles Kuonen suspension bridge, named after a psychologist and winery co-owner, has opened in the Swiss Alps near the village of Randa. At 494 meters long and 86 meters above the ground, it is hanging at its highest point.


The bridge which is a steel construction runs between 1,600m and 2,200m 

above sea level with views-if you can look at them-of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps in the distance. The bridge offers stunning views of the 14,783-foot Weisshorn-a mountain slightly taller than the more famous nearby Matterhorn. It replaces a previous bridge that had been damaged by rock falls.


The previous bridge closed in 2010 due to unstable terrain, forcing hikers to make a long detour down  into the valley and then climb 500metres back up the trial.


The steel structure forms part of 

Europa was, which connects two sections of a trial between Grachen and Zermatt, a popular two day hike. The local tourist authority warns that the high bridge is “for hikers with no fear of heights”.


“The thrill of traversing the precipice is indescribable,” Zermatt tourism said in a news release.


They also warn against crossing the bridge during a storm, due to “danger of lightning”.


Incredibly, it took engineers fromSwiss rope and Lauber cableways just 10 

weeks to erect the bridge. The structure which is just 65cm wide, takes 10 minutes to cross; a journey that previously took hikers four hours. The steel facility offers a stunning panorama of the surrounding Alps, but its grated surface means it is possible to look down into the Grabengufer ravine below.


If you’re planning on walking arm-in-arm with a partner, think again: the bridge only measures 25.6 inches wide- just enough for one person, single life.


Guinness has not yet recognized the bridge as the longest. According to 

Guinness, the current record holder is  the Kokonoe Yume Bridge, in Japan, which measures 1,279 feet  across.


Bridges always bring two cultures together. Hope, Charles Kuonen Bridge became a platform for the mixing up of various cultures in the form of tourists.