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Yoga bringing people together in Vietnam


               It is a proud moment for India where Yoga was originated, to witness its spread all around the world. In Vietnam, things are no different. In the once-war-torn country, after the very first International Yoga Day was celebrated, the population of the small country has turned to Yoga, especially the women.


                       The first ever International Yoga Day was celebrated last June, and in over 10 provinces of Vietnam where Yoga centres have been in healthy competition with aerobic fitness centres, Yoga receives a lot more preference for healthcare in a holistic sense.


                                Yoga was introduced in Vietnam in the 1960s, but it did not receive as much praise as it should have at the time. A second wave of popularity came in the 1980s, but a commendable increase the numbers of Yoga practitioners and students began after the International Yoga Day. Many practitioners are of the opinion that the idea put forwarded by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate the practice was appreciated to a great extent. 


                       As many as 2000 people participated in the celebration conducted on June 21st.Dung Tien Nguyen, who runs a popular Yoga centre in Vietnam emphasized the fact that Yoga can contribute to the society as preventive health physically and mentally. 

                        Gurdev Singh, an Indian national who has Yoga centre in Vietnam says,  a lot of Yoga centers focus more on physical aspects than using it as a holistic healing and strengthening approach to life, which slows down the client’s progress. Yoga intrigued more people after the International Yoga Day because it portrayed the art form as a beautiful combination of physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle and practice. Gurdev has employed 14 Yoga teachers from India, and adds that the Vietnamese, who like Hathayoga and Meditation the most, are very health-conscious and believes Yoga is uniquely beneficial.


                                    Understanding the popularity Yoga has gained in Vietnam, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations has deputed a qualified and experienced Yoga teacher named Selvarasu, from India to Vietnam. He was also sent by the ICCR to participate in the International Yoga Day in Beijing. Selvarasu added that he finds the people of Vietnam easy and eager to learn, and that even certified Yoga teachers join his class to learn more about the art form. As one of the most ancient Indian spiritual art forms, Yoga has gained popularity in various parts of the world and  becomes a channel towards deep physical, mental and spiritual health. In a country like Vietnam, where the bare realities of war has deeply affected the physical and mental health of almost all generations, Yoga as a daily practice which could create clarity among the people and  a sense of unity and communal harmony