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Qatar -  opening the doors to the world   


          The Gulf nations are known for its strict rules and regulations in every sector. Qatar has now taken a lenient stand by issuing visa free entry to citizens of 80 nations.


Citizens of those countries who wish to visit Qatar will no longer be required to apply or pay for a visa;  instead,  a multi-entry waiver will be issued free-of-charge at the port of entry,  upon presentation of a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months and a confirmed onward or return ticket.


Depending upon the nationality of the visitor,  the waiver will be valid up to 180 days or 30 days.  Citizens of United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the Schengen countries and the GCC countries viz., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi  Arabia & United  Arab Emirates will be able to access this visa free entry. There are no age restrictions for visa-free entry.  By passing this bill,  Qatar 

now become the most open country in the region.


Qatar also  introduced a free transit visa, which allows passengers of all nationalities transiting in Qatar for a minimum of five hours to stay in Qatar for up to 96 hours (four days).It can be inferred that Qatar has taken these measures to cool it's ties with surrounding nations, which was under pressure due to internal issues, 3 of its GCC neighbors and Egpyt boycott Qatar which led the country to economic isolation. Thus the new visa waiver and liberalizing trade regulations will positively affect  Qatar's financial setup,  tourism income and the relationship between neighboring nations. 


Improving tourism is the main agenda of this decision . Qatar Ministry along with Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Airways has expressed their pride in bringing about such a devolutionary change,  by which a large number of people could be able to enter the                    

country, learn and experience the elegant the past and luxurious present of the nation.


There's a lot to experience and sight see in Qatar, including their hospitality, cultural heritage and natural treasures . Qatar international food festival, Doha’s Education City,  Sheikh Faisal’s museum etc are tourist attractions in Qatar.


The move may be aimed at increasing tourism numbers in the shorter term to help offset economic losses incurred by the boycott by other Arab countries and to make Doha more attractive to foreign workers and companies. This is definitely going to attract people looking for work in Gulf countries.


Tourists who love to experience the Arabian Life, Qatar will absolutely lure them with it's lush hills amidst deserts,  islands,  cruise ships, a variety of cuisines and excellent ambiance and facilities of resorts.                                                                                                               Shruthi Nair